ASP.NET Core apps on Linux in production

Track 3 | Day 1 | 16:45 | RU | For practicing engineers

Release of .NET Core has opened all the possibilities of Unix for us. Our applications can work perfectly fine on Linux — which means we can use Docker and Kubernetes for deploying our services. This talk will explain how to create a REST-service with ASP.NET Core and deploy it with Kubernetes.

We'll dive into the details of ASP.NET Core infrastructure and several popular libraries, talk about multithreading, optimization and caching for reducing the service response time. We'll discuss how to approach the tasks of building the application and making Docker images. And, of course, we'll examine Kubernetes in details, how this technology can help us and how to use it.

Denis Ivanov

Denis Ivanov denisivanov


Denis is working at 2GIS on sales systems and services for advertising. He writes C# code on Windows and macOS, but compiles it and deploys his app on Linux. Denis is recognised as Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies category. He is involved in several open source project and organizes CodeFest conference in Novosibirsk.

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