Profiling .NET Core Applications on Linux

Track 3 | Day 2 | 12:00 | RU | Hardcore. Really hard and demanding talk, you'll understand only if you're an experienced engineer.

This talk will examine a C# profiling technology for .NET Core Linux ARM (softfp) developed by us.

It's known that Microsoft develops runtime environment CoreCLR providing support for different systems and architectures including Linux. But for now the profiling support on platforms different than Windows is limited.

Our tool is an alternative that allows to get information about C# code execution in CoreCLR environment running on Linux ARM architecture. We can get the hot methods based on the execution time and allocated memory, hot path, CPU load, information on JIT and GC work. More that that, our tool lets profile and analyze the result right from Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. This profiler can be helpful, for example, for Tizen app development. But the technology isn't tied to a particular IDE.

This talk will be helpful both for developers looking for specific profiling tools and those interested in the CoreCLR profiling.

Aleksei Vereshchagin
Aleksei Vereshchagin alexeyv_90


Graduated from the Moscow State Industrial University (MSIU) in 2012. Started his career in the same university (development, teaching, system administration). Participated in developing different university systems (mainly Ruby on Rails and C/C++). Since 2015 works at RTSoft.

In 2016 got involved in a development of a CoreCLR applications profiler for Linux ARM. That's how he got acquainted with .NET.

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