Democratizing AI on .NET Platform: from chat-bots and cognitive services to deep learning

Track 1 | Day 1 | 18:15 | RU | Introduction to technology

In recent years there was a breakthrough in AI that allowed to solve cognitive problems relatively easy. Those problems — such as age and mood detection from a photo, text recognition, understanding and translation — were traditionally rather hard to solve, but now that can be done using either existing cognitive services or by using toolkits for deep learning and machine learning in general. We will demonstrate tools and techniques available on .NET platform for tackling such tasks, including (but not limited to) cognitive services, Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. Spoiler: some demonstrations will be done in F#!

Dmitry Soshnikov
Dmitry Soshnikov shwars


Dmitry is a technology evangelist of Microsoft company, promotes modern software development technologies among beginner developers: pupils, students, startups. Specializes in the Internet of things, Windows universal applications development, functional programming, and platform .NET (F#, Roslyn). Has personally done dozens of hackathons all around Russia, helped many students' startups to start their projects in various fields. Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, teaches at MIPT and MAI, member of Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence, during summer time — lead of the department of computer technologies of the children camp JUNIO-R. In his spare time is into technological magic, does Chinese tea ceremony, Gong Fu Cha.

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