Interprocess communications: reasons and approaches

Track 1 | Day 2 | 16:45 | RU | For practicing engineers

The amount of applications that are stepping outside simple approach Ā«use only one processĀ» is growing. Developers find a lot of reasons why one process is not enough anymore. And as soon as there are multiple processes involved the problem of communication arises: how to pass information between them. .NET offers several means to implement such communication. In this talk we will see why the need to communicate between processes might arise, will discuss how to solve the problem of communication and will find out that some methods are better and more convenient than others.

Igor Labutin
Igor Labutin


An architect. Started career as a developer 16 years ago in the land of C++. Igor has been developing for Windows, Linux, QNX in the wide variety of areas: from video processing to network card drivers with company's own TCP/IP implementation. 9 years ago he entered .NET/C# world and also devoted himself to software architecture and performance issues. And special attention was focused on challenges in the interprocess communications.

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