JetBrains Rider IDE: personal effectiveness skills for .NET-programmers

Track 1 | Day 1 | 16:45 | RU | Introduction to technology

If you are a lazy developer (in a good sense) who values work time and wants to get rid of boring repetitive coding routine, you should attend this presentation. You'll learn new IDE features and look at old ones from a different angle.

I'm going to present JetBrains Rider on different operating systems and show its advantage over existing IDEs. All features will be shown in a context of real work problems.

I believe that developer's key responsibility is to think, not to type. So the IDE's key responsibility is to allow to express your thought concisely.

We will try to optimize number of actions (key types, button presses) per "sense unit" by solving different problems in Rider IDE.

Dmitry Ivanov
Dmitry Ivanov korifey_ad


In JetBrains since 2011, both in ReSharper and Rider teams. Works on the IDE core. His interests are performance, multithreading, low-level programming and API building. Regular DotNext speaker.

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