Typed or dynamic API? Both!

Track 2 | Day 2 | 15:15 | RU | For practicing engineers

Elements of dynamic languages have been available for C# developers for several years, so they can support dynamic data types in their APIs. It can work well in some scenarios but should we give up advantages of static typing? Can we combine both approaches? And if so, how hard is it? And how can we avoid code duplication? This presentation is about it. It is based on the design and implementation of the cross-platform open source library that the speaker wrote and maintains. During the presentation we will show how to write from scratch a similar library for SQL statements.

Vagif Abilov
Vagif Abilov ooobject


Vagif is a Russian/Norwegian developer working for a Norwegian company Miles. He has about three decades of programming experience, currently focusing on building systems in F# and C#. Vagif is a frequent speaker on software conferences, contributor to some open source projects and maintainer of Simple.OData.Client.

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