Xamarin.Forms — specifics of cross-platform mobile development on C#

Track 3 | Day 2 | 16:45 | RU | Introduction to technology

Let's take a little tour of how to use your .NET + C# skills, XAML expertise, Visual Studio, and Xamarin.Forms to develop a native mobile apps for popular platforms. We'll look on a simple cross-platform application, in particular, project structure, UI features, troubleshootings within development process with Xamarin.Forms. I'll tell about a great combination DI & MVVM, and also we'll discuss tools making developer's work and overall development process easier. At the end of the talk we'll choose the comfortable IDE for the Xamarin developer.

Damir Beylkhanov
Damir Beylkhanov dbeylkhanov

Murano Software

Full stack developer with seven years of experience. He had participated in the development of many projects for e-commerce and m-commerce. Now he is working on outsourced projects for a customer from United States. Permanent member of various .net and mobile development communities. Damir is Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft ® Certified Technology Specialist. In his free time, Damir likes to participate in real quests, and he also enjoys snowboarding and MMA. PhD.

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