Entity Framework Core: Is It Ready Yet?

Зал 1 | День 2 | 13:30 | EN | Введение в технологию

This talk is aimed mostly at people who haven't previously worked with Entity Framework Core but are interested in it. We'll talk about the differences between classic Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core and which one to choose in your new project. We’ll cover all the new features you can find in Entity Framework Core, you'll see demos of various database providers and how it runs on Linux. We'll also look at the roadmap, talk about the future of Entity Framework and whether it is ready for production use.

Tomas Herceg

Tomas Herceg hercegtomas


Tomas is CEO of RIGANTI, small software development company located in Prague. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP, author of an open source .NET-based web framework DotVVM, co-author of DotNetPortal (Czech website about .NET development), co-founder of DotNetCollege (a company which hosts developer trainings and organizes various community events).

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