My awesome journey with Open Source

Зал 3 | День 2 | 15:15 | EN | Введение в технологию

The NET community was closed together with the framework itself for many, many years. Recently the things has changed. The compiler, runtime any many other great tools are open source now. Have you ever thought about contributing? You want to start, but not sure how? This talk will be a story about my contributions to BenchmarkDotNet, Core CLR and corefxlab. What have I learned? What have I gained? Why should you contribute to OSS? How to start? What to avoid? What to focus on? How to challenge yourself? How can it help you to develop your skills as a developer? Can you get a public recognition? Will it help you to get a better job? This talk will give a story, a set of best practices and a lot of real life examples.

Adam Sitnik
Adam Sitnik SitnikAdam


Adam is a software engineer focused on performance and reliability. He has spent much of his professional life working on systems for energy producers and distributors. It included projects such: energy trading, production optimization, balance settlement and critical events detection. So far no blackouts! He’s an Open Source Contributor to BenchmarkDotNet and corefxlab. He is also an ex-MMA practitioner, AFOL, rabbit owner and a huge star wars fan.

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